ANYTHING is possible….

So, apparently my blog is now turning into a daily thing… lol…. To bgin with I was going to do it weekly… but things keep happening!

Ok so, I have massive news – I GOT INTO MY UNIVERSITY! I am super happy and I think I am going to really enjoy it. I have just gotta sort out my student finance now and work out if I’m gonna stay at home or move out as the rent is heaps and heaps of money. My second bit of good news is that I have applied to loads of jobs today so if my luck continues… I could soon have money and then I can go out more and visit all my friendlies at their universities. I can also book a holiday for the summer…. so only time will tell, but keep your fingers crossed hee hee. I am just in such a great mood now :)

I have been you tubing today (once I had tidied all the house and cut the grass lol!) and found the trailer for the new Sex and the city movie – Number 2! I absolutely love the first one, mainly for the fashion and it helps me with ideas of what to buy etc. So I thought I would give u a sneak peak too… It looks so amazing and the fact that “Empire State of Mind” is the theme for it makes it 100 times better! lol… This is my favourite song ever! Ok so, this is literally a quick post to tell you my news! I hope you enjoyed reading and I’m off to watch only fools and horses now hee hee! Peace and love always xxx


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