“I couldn’t tell him I was sweet on my girl, could I!?”

Ok, so this is probably the last time I will write before my 118 118ing :) hee hee! Together we have now raised £223 (to be precise! lol) If you would still like to sponsor me just click HERE. I am so proud of us and watched Eddie Izzard’s marathons that he has done. He is 47 years old and went through such a personal task. It just gave me such inspiration and it really helped me to get focus and just get on it. I mean, he ran 40 marathon’s one after the other, so I am sure that my 3 miles will be all good! :) You can still sponsor / donate towards his cause. Just click HERE. 

Also, I went to go and see “The Bounty Hunter” starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler. It was a great film and not my usual sloppiness lol. It had a really good storyline, with different characters and stories to follow. The basic plot is that Jennifer Aniston’s character is wanted for not turning up to her bail hearing and Gerald Butler will be paid to catch her and “bring her in” however throughout the film, you see them talk and start to like each other again. My favourite line was “I couldn’t tell him I was sweet on my girl!” – How cute! We also went to Nando’s and had lots of lovely peri peri chicken :) hee hee… Anyway it was such a good film and was lovely to see my Big Sister again! I seem to be seeing a lot of her lately, very peculiar as sometimes I don’t see her for weeks lol.  Anyway, here is a little trailer for you to have a butcher’s at :)

 I am starting to really enjoy being a science geek again. Lol…. I don’t think science was really high on my priorities at school, because I was too busy with my graphics and art, but I am really liking it. Last night we made plastic and had the stir it up in a little pot. We also done a test on shopping bags to see which ones were the strongest and Co op ones won! (Just in case you wanted to know that lol!) But you should all be using your bags for life anyway! lol… We also learnt about alkanes and alkenes (which is actually pretty easy, but some people didn’t get it in the class!) Anyway, it is all going well and I am fairly confident that I will get my C (Fingers crossed!)

Oooo, before I forget, there is a film called “Last Holiday” on tonight. Film4 at 6.50. It is one of my favourite films! About a woman who finds out she only has weeks to live after falling and bumping her head at work. So, she does all crazy things and makes all new friends! Really good :) Check it out and let me know what you think. Ooooo, and don’t forget to watch COMIC RELIEF! Maybe it’ll encourage you to do something for them and raise more money for the people who need it all around the world. :)

Ok, so my next blog is going to be sport-y nd fitness themed (due to my run) and I will be adding heaps of pictures and that of us in our 118 118 outfits! hee hee…

Peace and love xxx


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