“… A little confusing to put together…”

Hey everyone, so I am sorry I have been a bit rubbish this week with the posts. Last week was going so well lol… I will do more and keep you updated on stuff lol…

But I have had a lot going on :) My legs are finally back to their original state lol… Very good news indeed. Was awful waking up and being “creeky” lol… If you still want to sponsor click HERE. I then went shopping on Monday, for the first time in yonks! I got lots of little bargains – because it’s change over time in the shops! hee hee! I got the most lovelyiest dress ever, it has beige lace and then is attached to a sweetheart necklace and the actual dress fabric is quite floral-y. I am going to wear it for my sister’s birthday outing on saturday, so can’t post it. But there will be a pic after saturday lol…  Anyway, that was a super bargain. I also got some lovely purple beads (picture) They are all lovely and purple and are joined by a little link so I can’t lose any of them lol… They were from Dorothy Perkins and were just £2! I also got some lovely earrings (also from Dorothy Perkins and pictured.) They are little stainless steel studs, these were also just £2! So I definitely think you should all get to Dorothy Perkins, even if it’s just for their accessories! :) I also got a gold headband and a pearl headband for just £1 each from Primark! I am so pleased with my little self that I got so much and spent like £6 all day! lol… So seriously, get out there and start searching for those little bargains! lol… I then went over to Ikea and bought some boxes for my wardrobe to organise it all and make it all nice :) I put all my winter stuff in the big ones and then made up 4 little ones for my shoes and that. The little ones were only 69p! And they are super strong (although a little confusing to put together lol) Anyway, my wardrobe looks all nice and tidy now…

Then on Tuesday I had a bit of a arty day, finishing Mum’s painting and I have been asked to design some T-shirts for one of Terri’s work people. because she saw our New York Sweatshirts and wanted me to do her some! She said that she liked my designs (which is always nice to hear) and I am going to buy the tops today – when I have my interview! Yes, you heard me right! An interview, it is for a retail clothes shop over lakeside. Only part-time but I fits round everything perfectly, they have agreed to give me my Tuesday afternoons and Thursday nights off that I need for my Primary School stuff. I have also told them about my Uni Course and they seemed absolutely fine with that and cutting my hours done once I am at Uni. So, hopefully I will still have a few pennies when I am a student lol. It’s at 3.30 today, so wish me luck and I will do a little post afterwards about how it went! I am excited that i might actually have a job again and be able to pay for stuff and go out and not have to worry. But we will see what happens. Keep everything crossed for me tho lol.

I am going to the Seaside tomorrow, if it is nice either weather with my friend Briony. I haven’t seen her in a while, so It’s be nice to have  catch up and eat our candy floss and chips (obviously not together lol!) So yeah! Plus, this weekend is going to be super fun as I am getting dressed up, putting my glad-rags on and going partying for my Sister’s 23rd birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE TERRI! I am quite excited and it should be a good night. Also, everyone from Uni is coming home today and tomorrow for Easter, so I will be seeing everyone again! Yay! :)

I also went to see “I love you Phillip Morris” last night. I thought it was really good, although it kind of didn’t end up how I thought it would end lol… I think you have an idea of what is going to happen from the trailer and then when it doesn’t it’s just so weird lol… Anyway, It’s starring Jim Carrey as Steven Russell – A gay con man who while in Prison meets Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor.) It is based on a real story, which is what made it better for me. To think someone actually done all those crazy things. The whole storyline is about them being together and fighting to find each other. Steven Russell is still alive and in Prison serving a 144 year sentece for various cons and criminal acts. He has a IQ of 166. The average is under 100. Phillip Morris was released from Prison in 2006. You should have a look at it, if it sounds like your sort of thing. It was really good.

 Anyway, I am going to go and get dressed, I have lots to do today! Look out for pictures of the finished NY tops and I will also be posting my dress on here soon. Will let you know how the interview goes!

Peace and love xxx


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