“Oh, I also got my Dad a stick of rock…”

My tops are all coming together, I got the tops and the transfers are on their way, so I have just gotta do the settings to print them and cut them out etc. Going to try and finish them asap. lol… So, I had my interview yesterday at 3.30. It was all really casual and was more like a chat. I really liked the atmosphere and of the shop and the people seemed really nice too! Anyway, here is a picture of what I wore to my interview…. I was going for unique and smart. Thought the leopard print jacket would help me to stand out. So, here is a little list of where I got the stuff and how much it all was etc.

  • Black top (Underneath) – H&M – £4.99
  • Black high waist skirt – H&M – £5.00
  • Leopard Jacket – New look – £9.99
  • Necklace – New Look – £2
  • Pumps – Primark – £4

So, yes…. this is what I wore… What do you think? Oh and I nearly forget to tell you that exactly 20 hours and 15 minutes later I was offered the JOB! I straight tomorrow and am going to do a 12 – 5 shift. I will be till trained and bascially trained up so that I can learn “the ropes!” hee hee… I knew 2010 was gonna be a good year! I got into university, I have a job = money = going out, I have been to my favourite city in the world, NEW YORK! I am going to 02 wirless in the summer with Jay Z, Lily Allen, and Mr Hudson (more to be announced!) And I have done something for charity already :)

So, today I went to Southend with my Friend Briony. We went all round the shops and then down to the seaside for some chips and pictures of the lovely sunshine. It was also pretty windy when we got up the lift bit (where the pier is) but it’s all fun. I must say the getting attacked by the seagulls was fun when we had our chips lol… We eneded up running along the front with your chips and shopping, trying not to drop anything lol… Oh, I also got my Dad a stick of rock. lol…. I’m so nice to him lol… I bought a lovely pair of aviaters, a couple of magazines and a lovely necklace with joy, love and peace on it. It’s gold and silver so I can wear lots with it! I also got a top from primark, but I am taking it back because I didn’t realise the yucky colour would make me look like a ghost! haha.

Ok, so this was just a quick post, I have to go and find something to wear to work now hee hee! :)

Peace and love xxx


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