Cash Crisis and getting pennies QUICK!! haha?!?!

Need cash quick? In times of cash crisis! I know what it is like to try and be doing stuff with no pennies in your purse so here are some tips and tricks to get money and things to do when you haven’t got any. :) Prepare for linkage. Lol… So firstly here are my suggestions of where and how you can get pennies quick! (Well quicker than waiting for your pay slip! Haha.)

1.You could have a sort out of all your stuff you don’t use or want anymore and ebay it! Ebay is a really easy set up and once you have that, you’re off! :) Just remember to be serious when you enter the postage and packaging. I sometimes forget and then end up not as well off as I original thought!

2.Sell your art work, poems, general talents. Either on the craft website etsy, or simply asking around and selling them to friends of friends. Jewellery making is always really popular as people want one off pieces and don’t mind paying that little bit more hee hee!

3.Send in your mobile phone to a recycling company. You get the cash and you’re also helping the environment! Could be your good deed for that day! :) You can do this at

4.Switch your bank accounts or recommend a friend to switch and some banks give you some money! Some up to £100!

5.Join a boot sale…. this is definitely a quick way to get money and most organisations only charge £10 for your stall and then all the rest is your own money :)

Ok so now the fun(ner) bit of this post! What to do with no money and fabulous friends! Hee hee! Firstly, this is great for uni students as there is heaps that you can do. Also, if you’ve got children or whatever, there are some places that they get in for FREE! So here goes…

1.You could grab yourself a sandwich, some crisps and walk to your nearest park. Always more fun with a playground however old your are!

2.You could get up early, grab the off peak (after 9.30am) ticket to London and spend the whole day up there. Wondering round, visiting free museums and browsing the shops! If you don’t go crazy the whole day would cost you about £10!

3.Invite some friends over, buy a few little bits and pieces and have a movie night. Tell them to bring a bottle and the whole night should cost about £5 each!

4.Visit your local charity shop and have a dig! I got a lovely designer dress from a St. Francis Hospice shop! £4! And your money goes straight to charity! Another good deed!

5.Go to your local theatre. Most tickets for plays are about £10 and if you get a little group of you, it makes a really fun night out. Kenneth Moore in Ilford is always fun!

6.Go to a boot sale or market! Have a browse, maybe pick up a little bargain! Markets always have things cheaper than in the shops!

7.Go to a zoo. This can be a little bit expensive so maybe save up for a couple of weeks! But if there is one nearby! It is always a fun day out! And great for pictures!

8.Take a day trip to the seaside. Play games, browse in the shops, and have a walk down the pier. Some fish and chips are always a must at the seaside!

9.Go to a aquarium. London aquarium is just £15 and to get there for the whole day (if you take some lunch) costs just £22!

10.Be creative! Find things around the house and grab some glue and get making! Make whatever you want! Sounds a bit silly, but it is super fun! :)

Hee hee, Ok so that is my post on money and lack of llol… I hope you had some good ideas while reading this. I found some really strange ideas from researching on the internet. Ones such as “Run in the sprinklers” haha!

Peace and love xxx


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