“For those who refuse to be everybody!”

Hello my lovelies, 

Sorry I haven’t posted a lot this week but I have had the best week EVER! I have had so much fun! I have been working lots! Which means lots of pennies, I have also been catching up with Friends lots, seeing the lovely Jack, Joana, Jodie and Terri. Also, went up to London with Mumberly yesterday and I haven’t been in such a long time…. Has been fun :) 

So Wednesday was, of course, cinema night! This week I went to see “Blind side” with Miss Joana. It is staring Sandra Bullock and is about a Christian family taking in a boy in trouble. It’s very much based around culture, religion and helping the less fortunate! It is possibly the BEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN! EVER! It was so well shot and although the main character doesn’t speak a lot in the film, you can totally understand what he is thinking and follow the story.

Then, on Thursday me and my gorgeous Mumberly went up to London for the day. It was such gorgeous sunshine! I dropped off some personlised t-shirts that I had made for one of Terri’s work people Tracey. She seemed to really like my ideas and said thath she liked the design etc. so I was really pleased about thath! It was great, we did London’s petticoat lane and Oxford Street and Tower Hill (where we met my Sister for Lunch haha.) I saw the most lovely jacket in Topshop….. (picture!) But it was a little too pricey… £55! We also found a brand new make up brand in SELFRIDGES called illamasqua. They specialise in colour and full on fabulousness! The people were so friendly and said they liked my dress! :) Mum bought me a bronzer for my birthday and on the packaging it says “For those who refuse to be everybody!”  LOVE IT! My Mum also bought a bright yellow eye shadow whcih looked gorgeous on her! The lady even showed her how to apply it in a subtle but nice way with cream, shimmery colours and browns. I am so pleased she bought it, as she does tend to stick to the more “sludgy” colours. I think that once I get paid, I will taking a little visit back there to get some eye shadow and bits and pieces. We then went all along Oxford Street and Home! It was super fun!

Then today, I went to work, which was super fun. My friend Briony was in charge and I helped her with delivery haha! I started early, so finished at 2. Then picked up my gorgeous friend Jodiekins! And we went over the forest with my little yokie, Suzi. She loved it! And so did we! We ended up wondering round for about 1 and a half hours! haha! I love walking and running up hills etc haha. And it’s a great place t go and think whether it’s with friends or not. I love walking around with Jodie though, because you can just walk and not say anything and it’s not awkward. I love it! Hee hee! Anyway, look out for more posts. There will be lots to come :)

So my plans for the next couple of days are: Going out to Lunch with Miss Joana and Jakolous, then work tomorrow. Helping Ron with learning how to use a computer! haha! And then work on Sunday! Then workwork work! lol… I want to go Orange Wednesday on… Erm…. Wednesday? lol… Not sure what to see though… any suggestions? And then I have Friday off from work so hopefully I will be seeing more of Jodiekins before she goes back to University and abandons me lol….

Hope you all have great plans and are all busy bees over the weekend,

Peace and love xxx


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