“But did I care? No.”

A little while ago, I posted that I was going to go back to my old artful self! And today I can honestly say that came true! I went to lunch with my favourites Jackolous and Miss Jojo today in the beautiful sunshine and then it was off to work (again!) lol…. I wore balck harem pants (up high on my waist) with a black top tucked in, a purple belt, silver ballet pumps and a pink beady necklace :) I felt like a little art student again and loved it! When I got to work, the people made a few comments. But did I care? No. It’s up to them whether they want to dress in the “norm” or not. I mean it is very much leggings and a top, but thath’s up to them, I say dress however you want, and whatever, you feel good in! Who cares what other people think? I absolutely love this Lady Gaga dress! I would love to wear it! Does anyone know what label it is?

I also done my make up a little different today (picture!) I used a colour palette thath I have from Superdrug (when I used to work there!) Have a go at mixing colours and have fun! My one tip is use lots and lots of primer on your eyelids so that throughout the day it doesn’y fade and slide off! I am actually well impressed with my zooming and trimming of my eye! It looks really professinal lol…

Just a quick mention to say it was lovely to get a mention on Surendipity Cucpcake’s blog this week…. for my leopard nails! Scroll down for my blog on my nails! :) They were super fun to do and lasted longer than normal painted nails because there are more layers…. :)

My favourite song at the moment is “Rock that body!” by the BLACK EYED PEAS! I love it! It is so summery and dancey! Love it!

Peace and love xxx (Jackolous said this annoyed him so none for him! haha!)


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