You choose your pathway…

Ever felt sad or alone? Everyone gets like this now and again. There is always a reason where you feel like this and you have to find out what it is and change it. And it’s only you that can do it! I used to be really down because I had no job and it seemed like everyone had “a plan” and was getting on with their lives and I wasn’t. But I looked at things positively and with the help from friends and family, I got a job in a clothes shop! I am really enjoying it and I am getting my money to put away for university too! I like to get up and do something with my days and I like to have a plan. So, when I didn’t know what was happening and what I was going to do about money…. I was really sad. I couldn’t afford to go and see friends and even if they said “we’ll stay in” I couldn’t afford the petrol/Train fare to get there. It was really rubbish and not a great start to 2010. But now, just 4 months into the new year, things have all changed round for me! :) As I said, I have job, I got into my 1st choice university, I have booked things for the summer, I am going to be doing my work experience soon, I am seeing the most of my friends and family that I can, I am reading more (this is random but it was my new years resolution! Haha!) And I am determined to get healthier (once I get paid, I am joining the gym! :)) So, it just goes to show that positive thinking works! I also believe that everyone has someone looking out for them (In my case, I believe it’s my Mum’s Dad) and I think that they help us get our dreams. I got into University on his birthday! So you just have to set yourself a target, whether it’s to do with weight or a career or just what you are going to do at home and you have to do everything you can to get there! Don’t let anyone stop you! :) 

Peace and love xxx

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