“But for know here is some randomness.”

So I have had a bit of a disaster today. My laptop has been taken over by a virus! I am now on my Mum’s laptop. I has entered my computer and is trying to take over everything – my documents, pictures, music, photoshop stuff, EVERYTHING! It is gonna cost like a week’s money to mend and I’m not gonna get it back until Monday! I might cry. I feel like I have lost a limb lol. Anyway, let’s get over this because it’s annoying me now lol… but be careful and don’t download or click on anything unless you are 100% sure of what it is. :) What else have I been up to? Well, working mostly, that is my life now. haha. I will be blogging about a lot more interesting things and visiting different places once I get paid. I promise lol! But for know here is some randomness.

I really enjoyed doing a sort of “outfit” blog thath I did on my interview blog of what I wore so here is what I wore today:

I heart NY top – New York City baby! – $2

Black skirt – H&M – £4.99

Black boots – Risky – £30

Leather jacket  – Stolen from my sister’s wardrobe haha!

Pearl necklace – Primark – £3

So my whole outfit came to: (drum roll please) £40 + stolen jacket haha. I also did my make with black and gold like I: did the yellow and pink the other day. (To match my gold jacket and my black skirt!) hee hee! It looked really good, and glittery eye shadow always makes you feel more girly when you’re got your hair up lol. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel nicer with my hair up becuase you can wear big earrings and big make up to dress yourself up more. :) Anyway, I hop you are all having a lovely wednesday in this gorgeous weather and are dressing how you want to dress! Always a bonus!

Peace and love xxx


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