“But definately worth a look.”

I FINALLY HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK! Haha. I have missed him so much, but now he is back and I am ready to blog it up! So much has happened in the last week or so. Firstly I have been to my school where I am volunteering. It was so good. I got to teach a art class how to draw carribean masks and on Tuesday we will be making for real from modrock! I also assisted in Maths, Spelling, Reading, English, Science and Geography (well where we live!) lol…. I absolutely love it and am determined to be a qualified teacher as soon as possible. Writing about it reminds me that I must get a Thankyou card for all the teachers making me feel so welcome. It was so good, and I really am enjoying it :)

Work (as in paid work) is also going really well. I haven’t had a day off for the last week or so and won’t get one off until my birthday (next weekend) but I will be getting paid in exactly 1 week! And then it’ll all be worth it :) I am so happy right now, everything seems to be falling into place! I also got home from work yesterday to find a interview from Greenwich University, whcih is really exciting! I have got write a essay and do a 4 minute presentation (I am super scared about this bit, but hopefully I will be ok :/) So, I have got to get writing around working at the school and working at yours, but I’m sure it’ll be fine….

I also went to see “Dear John” on wednesday with the one and only Mr Jackolous. It was brilliant. The storyline was so complex and it all interlinked. When people asked me what it was about, it was so hard to explain. Lol. But definately worth a look. I think that Channing Tatum gives a real and honest apperance of a modern day solider. I think the realism of the war scences was amazing. As some people picture trenches and feilds and fighting, which isn’t always the case. It could quite simply be a bomb that need finding in a normal street. I also loved the fact that the two only spent two weeks together and then wrote to each other for a whole year! Bless… Here’s a peek at the trailer. Also, if anyone knows the song that is towards the end of the trailer, please comment and let me know :) merci.

I have also found a lovely shop called HQ, they haven’t got website, but they seem to be popping up everywhere. There’s one in Romford, and one over Lakeside. I think that their stock is a little bit more different. I found a lovely 50’s style summer dress and some khaki harem pants. It is also all really reasonable, so pop in if you have a chance! Being as I am on a shopping paragraph… I also found the nicest jacket in River Island of all places! haha! Let me try and find it…. I might have to treat myself when I get paid! Haha! Ok, it would let me copy the picture… If you go on the RIVER ISLAND website and then go to women’s jackets and blazers, it’s the red, navy and white style one at Β£29.99…. not too bad… is it? I need talking into it lol… What do you think of it?

So, that’s my week long blog lol… I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but I can always blog it up again later haha. Must tidy, bath, eat and tv now haha.

Peace and loveΒ xxx


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