Random Chitter Chatter

So, have had quite a eventful week last week. I worked, travelled a bit and SHOPPED! This is going to be a random blog full of buys and bargains. Along with some random chitter chatter. So firstly to my buys (with my brithday money!) were: A new grey bag (£5,) a lovely necklace from topshop (£2,) A green leopard print dress (£6,) A leopard ring (£1) and A NEW PHONE!!! I got a HTC Desire and I absolutely love it! I was a bit scared about having a touch screen, but it’s amazing! haha! I got a really good deal too! So yeah, they were all my purchases. I have got a couple of bits to go back, but other than this, I am very pleased with it all.

I also got some late bithday pressies from my friend Briony. She got me a purse, a lilac nail varnish, a pair of sandals, a little nail set, a pair of earrings and brooches! They were all so gorgeous and so me! She seems to know exactly what I like and gets such lovey pressies! A big thankyou for all of them :)

Unfortunately the boot sale plans for yesterday had to be cancelled because of the stupid weather. I was not impressed as I have a load of stuff to get rid of! lol… But I suppose it is sensible to wait for a sunny day! :)

Science is going really well this week. I am learning about the earth’s atmosphere, gases and pollution. So all things that involve a lot of common sense, which I love! lol. I am determined to pass and become a teacher now. As you know I have been offered a place in Roehampton and Greenwich depending on the fact that I get a C or above in my science! And I am DETERMINED to get it! I am going to work so hard and try and get as much knowledge in my head as possible. I hope my plan works haha!team.jpg

My friend, Jodie, her Sister and gang are cycling the massive trek from Land O’Groats to Land’s End! A whole 880 miles through the UK! It is a absolutely amazing thing to do and a great cause! they are doing it for the following charities: C.O.S.M.I.C, Asthma UK, Barnado’s, Chernobyl and PARC. All great charities to help out. For more information and the chance to donate visit: http://motions11.com

So, plans for this week are: Seeing my lovlies: Jack, Jodie, Briony and Terri. Working. Sciencing. And sleeping lol. Life is going good at the moment and hopefully it’ll get better and better :)

Peace and love x

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