I have some massive news!

Ok so I was googlinf away in my boredom lol… And I can honestly say I am truly excited. A shop called FOREVER 21 in NEW YORK CITY BABY! Is finally delivering free to the UK! Their style is quite similar to H and M but quirkier and cheaper :) I am so excited and it was my pay day today so I am sensing a big spend up lol. I must look now! haha! Click HERE for the the link . They have got such nice stuff definately worth a look!

click to zoomI am also very excited for the 02 wireless festival, where I am going on the 4th July with my favourites Jo and Jack. There are loads of acts on this day but I most looking forward to seeing JAY Z! (Yes you heard me right!) LILY ALLEN, SLASH, CHIPMUNK, TINIE TEMPAH, MR HUDSON, ROLL DEEP, MCLEAN, and BLUEY ROBINSON! I cannot wait. I went last year to see Basement Jaxx and other people like Dizzee Rascal, but this year has got a even better line up. I have already bought a blue jumpsuit thing for it! I cannot wait :) haha! I will of course add photos and eveything sooner the time :)

I also bought a jacket this week, (in the picture) and I bought a blue brooche to go on it. The jacket was £3! From a shop in Romford called Risky! I absolutely love it and have worn it everyday since I bought it lol. The brooch was £3 from Dorethy perkins and totally makes it different and unique looking, which is ALWAYS A GOOD THING! I really do love it. I also bought a floaty top and navy dress with embroided beading all over the front. :) Mum and Dad are now home, my foot is gettting much better and I actually managed to wear closed in shoes lol. First time in over a week lol. I do keep forgetting to take my anti-biotics though. Oooops! lol. Hope it doesn’t get infected. I need it to hurry up so I can join the gym! haha.

I also got the date for my final science exam (the one that depends on whether I go to uni or not!) and it is on the 28th June! So not long at all. My plan is to do 2 hours of revision per day everyday for a 4 weeks! Hopefully everything will have sunk in by then. I am going to have thursday off though because I go to my science then and that’s for 2 and a half hours, so that is always helpful. I really hope I understand what I’m doing and take in what I need to. Science really isn’t my strong point. I didn’t even pay attention at school and over the last 4 years I have totally forgotten even the basics lol. I need to make more notes as I revise as well becasue I don’t really get a chance to in class.

So things to do this weekend (as it’s my first day off in 2 months!)

1. Find some cool designs for nails and do mine – I’m thinking hearts or dots or something like that! haha!

2. Have Ron round on sunday for lunch :) Haven’t seen him in a little while and am quite looking forward to seeing him.

3. Maybe, if my toe is well enough, look inot joining the gym lol. I need to loose weight for the summer. I am determined.

Anyway, have a super weekend, Peace and love xxx

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