“…maybe I should aim higher?? “

So, today I have been to work, been to romford and now am sitting in my room. I got thinking about me as a person and my characterisics and what they are. I looked it up on google and was shocked to find how truthful and honest my zodiac sign is about me. I am a taurus and they are certain things that are very true to me and my behaviour. For example, my strongest characteristic is my sensible outlook and life and my practical thinking. However, my weakest strength is accepting less than I can achieve. These two points are so true, I am a very “sensible thinker” and constantly am thinking ahead, even if I don’t mean to. I am also very happy with just reaching a certain standard and I don’t know maybe I can do better? For my science GCSE I am aiming for a average C, maybe I should aim higher?? I am also known for seeing the beauty in things such as painintgs, flowers etc and setting myself goals and not being happy until I have reached them.

Click HERE to find out anout your characterisitcs through your zodiac sign.

On another note, I am so nervous about my exams. My revision starts tomorrow and I intend to do 2 hours a day with a 15 minute break. I will work my way through my books maybe notes and covering every topic and then have a overall crazy revision session just before the exam to refresh my mind. I just think its because there is so much depending on it. I mean, it is my life, my career, my hopes of becoming a teacher. I just hope I do ok. No, I hope I do better than Ok. If you have any tips or tricks to help me out, please do let me know. Oh and wish me luck :)

Peace and love xxx


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