“Seriously I’m such a romantic lol… “

So this is my first blog of June. I am very sorry for my lack of posts, but I have been so busy. So what’s new with me? hmmmmm… I now have shorter hair, it is kinda just blow my shoulders now, I have been elephant hunting, Revising, I have been to see Sex and the City 2, I have had family over, been working and spending lots of pennies! lol…

So, firstly Sex and the city 2 was AMAZING! I think I actually preferred the clothes to in the first one. They were amazing. I particularly liked the silver jacket that Carrie wore when Samantha got arrested lol…. I also loved the white dress right at the beginning so simple, but so effective. I loved the storyline and the fact that Carrie and Big’s relationship was still having work on it. And loved the bit where they lied and watched the black and white film together. Seriously I’m such a romantic lol… You must go and see it. All I will say is see the first one before you go!

 I also went to London on the 10th to look for elephants! It was so much fun. Me and My gorgeous Mum found a whooping 41 elephants dotted around London! I was well impressed with ourselves. They are for the awareness and protection of the Asian Elephant. You can adopt a elephant and towards the end of their “showing” they will be auctioned for sale. All proceeds go to the charity! HERE is the link! We also went for lunch in Leicester Square and then shopping in Covent Garden and Oxford Street :) It was such a fun day and I would have loved to stay up there longer, but unfortuntely I had to get back for science. I am so determined with this. My mind is set on it. I did two practice tests and got a C in one and a B on the other! So my revision must be working. I am just so nervous about my Chemistry. If you have tips for me on the chemistry front please do comment below, I need all the help I can get!

The last 10 days my Dad has been away with his old friends lol…. And it has been lovely to see people and have them round for dinner etc. I went out to dinner with my Mum and my Aunt, I then had Jackalous over for dinner, which was lovely. I went to Nando’s with my friend Joana, My sister came down for the weekend, but I didn’t get to see much of her as I was working all weekend :( Kinda sucky. Ron (my adopted grandad) also came over, so all in all a fabulous few days!

I have been buying kinda a lot lately and need to stop this but there is so much lovely stuff around lol…. I have bought a gorgeous linton tweed jacket from a place called Rokit! It’s a vintage shop in London. It was such a good find and is so reasonable. My jacket was only £15! I then bought 2 dresses and a union jack bag. I also bought my Dad’s fathers day present (which if you haven’t get it quickly! hee hee!)

My plans for this week are: to do a boot sale on sunday and try and get some extra money, work at the school, work at the shop, and generally stay in and revise. Not much fun but it has to be done!

Peace and love ( and promises that I will post more stuff! lol) xxx


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