“Definately worth the ticket price just for that scene! lol…”

Ok so just a quick post today as I have lots of tidying and revising to do. Firstly, I didn’t go and see street dance 3D in the end, I went and saw “Killers” starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. It was so funny and so good to see Jackalous and Joana. I didn’t realise how hot Ashton Kutcher was until seeing this film and oh my god! The topless scence were he gets in the lift was jaw dropping! lol…. Definately worth the ticket price just for that scene! lol… check out the trailer and definately go and see it :)

Secondly I am now on a diet and mostly concentrating more on my exercise than anything else. I really wanna get in shape, after filling out a application form for a CRB check for Uni and having to weigh myself for the first time in 8 years! I was mortified! I need to loose this weight and tone up, so if anyone has any tips or websites I could visit to help me out. They would be much appriciated :) I bought a skipping rope today and have already starting doing my 1000 skips a day :) I will not pay Β£35 for the gym memebership near me. I just won’t lol. Just a quick note, on thursday at my science class I got a A and and B in my practice papers. Hopefully the revision will set in :) But I was so over the moon with this result, I mean a A! And it was chemistry revision week, this is the worst one for me :)

When I went to the cinema on Wednesday I done my hair all retro in culers, hairsprayed and moussed and worn a vintage style lemon lace dress with gold gladiator sandals. I felt very nice and I loved feeling all retro with my hair done. Is it possible to have your hair curled like this (picture) permanantly? please let me know if you know :)

Lastly, I bought a laptop cover sticker thing today in the pound shop in Romford! I absolutely love it and it wa so easy to put on. Literally just stuck it on and then cut it to fit the top of my laptop. I really do love it and think it gives my laptop a bit of originality (as it is boring and silver and black keys!) lol… :) So if you can get to a pound world, grab yourself one. They have 6 designs and you don’t just have to use them on your laptop. You could put them on mirrors, doors, fridges, patio doors, windows, any glass (like a frame) ANYTHING!

Anyway, I am off to tidy and revise. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned. There is much more to come :)

Peace and Love xxx

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