Sparkles and Junk….

Jewelery is what will change your outfits look. It also makes you feel a bit more glam :) So here’s some random jewlery I own :)

 * Blue ribbon ring – V&A Museum, London – £8

* Elephant and sparkly bow ring – Both Forever 21, NYC – $4/$5

* Green marble oval ring – Turkey – £20

* silver silver spoon ring – Ibiza – Pressent so £0 for me hee hee!

* Blue and white stripey ring – H&M – £2.99

* Pointy silver ring – Risky £1! haha.

* Cream massive ring – Matalan – Another pressie :)

* Purple bow ring – H&M – £3.99

* Turquoise ring – Egypt – £16

*Red heart Ring – Primark – £2

* Peach flower ring – Think it’s from accessorize – Another another pressie lol.

* Leopard print ring – Risky £1

* Rainbow stripey thumb ring that goes with NOTHING! – I have no idea lol.

I also have rings randomly lost in bags lol…. It’s where I’m trying to write or paint or draw or what and I can’t becasue of my stupid chunky rings lol…. I know this is really random, but was having a sort out so here you go…. lol…  Feel free to add to my collection anytime soon :) I’m not even gonna start on my necklaces and braclets lol…

Peace and Love xxx


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