“I am very excited about the whole thing…”

I have decided that I am going to do paintings and sell them over the summer, to get some extra money. I am thinking of doing a few and then selling them on a boot sale stall or on ebay or something. Please let me know any tips or tricks you might know about how I can go about this :) I was thinking of selling them for Β£10 each, do yhou think this is too much?? I was thinking I could do original customized ones as well, like someone gives me a topic and I will paint you something to do with that topic :)

On other completely different note, I had my science exam on Monday – I think the 3 “b” sections went really well but the resit on rocks and the earth’s compounds did not go well! I can honestly say there was stuff on that paper that I have never seen before in all my life lol…. I revised all night and all morning before I went, but nothing I read was on the paper. So stupid. But my coursework was a A so I am hoping that this will bump my chemistry grade up a bit when they average it all out.

The Car isn’t very well at the moment and has been in the mederes for 2 days, the clutch, master cylinder and cables have all broke, so it must be fixed. It is also a lot of pennies! But it is one of those things and we need our little ka! haha. I have started looking for a car for university and I must say I am very excited about the whole thing. I think that I will try and get a new-ish on for as cheaps as I can find! I have already found a ford fiesta (new shape) 2008, with only 33,000 miles on it. But it is in Dunstable (which is about 40 minutes away) so it’s a bit of a trek to go and look at. It is gorgeous though, and I would be so happy if I got it lol…. o excited for university now. Not even the going to university bit, but the going into schools and actually Teaching! I cannot WAIT! So excited :)

I have got lots planned this week. I saw “When in rome” last night with Jodiekins. It was ok, but it definately wasn’t in my top 10 lol…. It was slightly overly cheesy but the general idea and plot was good. Basically the main character jumped into the fountain of love in Rome when she goes there fore her Sister’s wedding. She picks up coins and puts them in her purse, resulting in receiving the people’s love. She then has to find out if the boy loves her really or if he is under a spell. Quite a good watch. Check it out if it sounds your thing :)

I am also seeing my science people for the very last time tonight… EVER! It is quite sad and the year has gone so quickly. I can’t beleive that it is all over. Hopefully I will stay in touch with a couple of the girls in the class… It’s always handy to keep in touch with teacher-y people :) Then friday it’s my firend Jodie’s, Sister’s birthday :) We are all off to Mizu :) which is a thai restaurant nd I absolutely LOVE IT! haha! Saturday – Northweald with Jodie (for her birthday! She is old!) lol…. and work :( And then Sunday is WIRELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, and also excited to wear my new harem jumpsuit haha! I cannot wait. I hope it is sunny and hot :) But we will soon find out won’t we? I will of course go picture crazy and add them all on my facebook and do a whole blog filling you all in on the awesomeness that is WIRELESS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, it must always be written in capitals! haha.)

Before I go here is a sneak peak at the new Harry Potter film! I cannot wait for it! And I am so excited for the special effects and everything. Oh also, Katy Perry’s california gurls is my most favourite song right now, so there’s that too : hee hee :)

Peace and love xxx


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