“I have never been and would love to go…”

Welcome to my new post and my new blog look… :)

Firstly, Wireless 2010 was AMAZING! I saw the most amazing performers and enjoyed every second of it…. Jay Z was amazing. I thought it would be quite gangsta but it wasn’t, it was a mixture of people who all liked his music and just wanted to have a good time. I wore a blue and aqua tie die jumpsuit and flip flops…. It was boiling hot and I got a bit sun burnt but it was totally worth it! He was amazing. I also saw Lily Allen, Chipmunk, Mr Hudson, Bluey Robinson, Wiley, Roll Deep, and Tinie Tempah! It was such a good day and am already looking forward to next year :)

It is my last week this forthcoming week at my school. I have enjoyed it so much and will miss all the children so much. I hope to pop back in and see them every now and again once I have started university. Mrs Lawton, who I have been helping has been moved to year 4 for next year, so I will hopefully help out when I can :)

I found Esme and the lane way while looking for vintage inspiration on the net, she is so unique and simply wears what she wants: a great characteristic to have :) Check her out!

This week I rummaged and found my maxi dress from last year :) Here is a little breakdown of my outfit :)

Maxi dress // Peacocks, Waistcoat // Risky, Pink bag // River Island,

Lately I have been letting things (that don’t really matter) get on top of me and this stops now. I am still going to dream and imagine what I want to be.

And if it doesn’t work out there is always a back up plan lol…. I have the whole summer to look forward to and I intend to do as much as I can. I am hoping to go to Paris for the day, just to do some sightseeing and look around. I have never been and would love to go and see the Eiffel tower and general french-y things. It is on my list of things to do lol…

For your daily good deed: Please sign this petition to help find and research into ways to help premature babies! The charity is called Stand up for tiny lives… It is a really amazing cause and could help someone near you, after all this affects everyone…. Simply click HERE

Peace and love xxx


4 thoughts on ““I have never been and would love to go…”

  1. Looks really good, I love this layout – I keep looking at it myself!! Haha, don’t worry, I won’t steal it. What’s the story behind ‘and the like’? x

  2. Layout is very very nice, you forgot to mention that you were covered in dust and had to have a bath at 1.30 in the morning hehehehehe, glad you had such a good time xxxx

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