“, so tell your friends lol…”

So, what has been going on the last couple of days?!?!? Hmmm… Well yesterday was my last day at my school that I volunteer in. L It was so sad to leave and I have really enjoyed working and helping out there. The children are so well behaved and I never experienced any rudeness towards teachers or each other or anything like that. It has made me want to work as a teacher even more and the fact that I helped with how to teach them in a particular way really helped me because it has made me feel like I can do it! (The inserted picture was done by Maisie for me, how cute?!?)

One of my little learners, Maisie made me a pattern page and coloured it all in. It was so sweet and she coloured it so well. It has taken pride of place on my bedroom wall… hee hee! I am gonna keep it as it is my first EVER teacher related present lol….

I have also got tickets to go and see the beautiful Russell Howard for the second time! How lucky am I? I am going to be going with Emma and my sister Terri. I cannot wait. I saw him on his Dingledodies tour and it was so funny. I loved it! I am so excited and will of course blog you about it later on in the next week or so… I AM SO EXCITED!!

I also now have a artwork page, which will be filled with all my artwork from all different aspects. Some from my art diploma year, some from now and some simply because there were little projects that I started and wanted to show you. Please leave me any comments/feedback as it would be greatly received! I am hoping that enough people will see it and then I can start selling them in the future. Β I am really hoping that a few people will see and more people can do it…. I would be so happy to just get 1 person asked me to do a painting for them, so tell your friends lol…

I think that is all that has happened so far this week lol… I am absolutely shattered as I haven’t had a day off for 2 weeks now and I need today. Yesterday I went to school all day and then worked until 11 in the evening. I really am looking forward to my week off next week now lol…

Peace and love xxx


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