Things that make me happy…

Things that make me happy…

  1. Vanishing off for the day and spending it walking around the V&A / The national portrait gallery on my own. Mobile off. Just art. Perfect.
  2. Spending days with The rolling stones and a blank canvas.
  3. Waking up to a cute text from one of my fabulous friends or family.
  4. Suzi.
  5. My fur coat !
  6. My Keith Richards top (it’s new – check it out! – HERE)
  7. Hot blackcurrent.
  8. Vintage finds in charity shops – like my Gina shoes and my 50’s blue dress.
  9. My new winklepickers – when i showed my Dad he said “Why are you trying to be a man?” haha!
  10. My bronzer from Illumasqua J I freeking love it!
  11. Blueprint 3 – Jay Z album. Buy yours HERE
  12. New York City – Possibly the best city in the world, although it is close with London J
  13. Orange Wednesdays.
  14. Taking trips with people or to see people hee hee!
  15. Dressing how I want and not how others think I should dress J <<< this is a important one!
  16. Planning – Making lists!
  17. Kandee Johnson videos. – Check her out >>>> HERE
  18. Matilda.
  19. Petticoat lane – One word, BARGAINS!
  20. High tops – I have Vans, Converse, and Silver 80’s ones.
  21. My friends and family – of course!
  22. Finding something so different and unique for little money – Try ROKIT, TOPSHOP, ZARA!
  23. Double chocolate muffins – made by moi! – RECIPE HERE!

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