Songs, tunes, beats, and anthems….

My room is finally complete! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It has purple bedding and purple with beautiful flowers on two of my walls and then pink on the others. I have a painting thing on my wall also! It is so girly and cheery! I just know that I will wake up in the best mood tomorrow morning lol…. stay tuned for pictures :)

But for now, I have wanted to do a post on songs that can change your mood for ages. Music is a massive part of everyday life! When something happens or you have some sort of event and then hear a song, that song will remind you of that FOREVER! So here a few of my favourite songs EVER! (and a few reasons why! :)) Let me know yours :)

1.Β Jennifer Hudson – New York City, 9am 11th January 2010 – Me and my beautiful Mum and Sister getting ready for a day of New York Awesomeness!

2. Jamie Cullum – Lover, you should’ve come over – I don’t know why but this is just beautiful – Always play it when I’m painting :)

3. Missy Elliot – Lose Control – 26th August 2006 – Me and my friends in a park in hornchurch – We had just got our GCSE results :) (This was my chavvy stage! haha)

4. The Rolling stones – Start me up – 23rd August 2007 – Opening song to The bigger bang tour with my sibling :)

Peace and Love xxx


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