“and we made sort of a day of it :) “

Well, back to Monday and back to work today. I have had such a lovely week off :) I have really enjoyed it. Catching up with friends, decorating my room, going to London and shopping! :) Thanks to Jodie, Tasha, Jack, Mum, Briony, Emma and Terri for making it all perfect for me! :) I went and stayed over my friend, Briony’s house to keep her company before she went on holiday. It was lovely, we dyed our hair (I’m nearly blonde again now) and watched telly and ordered Dominos and chatted about everything. It was really nice and I had a really lovely time. We watched “Catch me if you can”which is a film I have never seen before…. It was so good and I really enjoyed it a lot :) It stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks and is based on the real story involving Frank Abagnale, a con man and check forger. I do love a good film and it makes it even better that it was a real story :) If you like real story film like me, you should check out “Walk the line” based on Johnny Cash and June Carter, “I love you Phillip Morris” based on Steven Russell and “Public enemies” based on John Dillinger and starring Johnny Depp.

I went to see Russell howard last night at the Riverside Studios, near Hammersmith Apollo and it was so good. A very small venue and very comfortable. We were only 3 rows back from him! It was so good. I went with Emma and Terri and we made sort of a day of it :) There was only about 400 poeple in the studios, where he performed, but I don’t think even that. It was such a good venue and definately more interesting when you can see and hear poeple around you. :) Check out my reveiws page for more info :) Anyway, I am off to work in a little while and then I am planning on coming home and sleeping lol… I am so tired. Have tomorrow off though :) If any of you have any ideas on exhibitions or things going on in London please do let me know :) I want to do lots over the summer :)

Peace and love xxx

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