“…best month of the summer, so far :) “


I am planning on August being the best month of the summer, so far :) It is possibly my last month off before I start university, so I am determined to make the most of it. I am planning on meeting up with all my foundation people, meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in agggggggggges, going to see Sister Act, Going to Colchester Zoo,Β going London, I would also love to go to Paris, but I have a lack of people who want to go :( Β and of course, getting my GCSE results, which, if I’m honest I am a little nervous about. Hopefully everything will fall into place, if not it’s to the back up plan lol.

I have just come from a Deep water aerobics class – as part of my get healthy and toned for university plan. I have also been on the slim fast diet for two days. I’m not gonna lie, you are hungry while you are on it, but once i have lost a little bit and toned up, i will have 1 shack and and sandwich to make up for the second one :) I am doing quite well and haven’t slipped once yet! haha! And I think I am eating more fruit than I have ever done before lol… The shakes are actually really tasty and they just taste like yazoo or something… I can’t taste the difference lol…

I watching The inbetweeneres at the moment and actually finding it hard to concentrate on this lol… It is so funny. I love the one with the fish in the boat… you know the one I mean?? Haha! Hilarious! I am also slightly in love with James Buckley so I am allowed to laugh (and dribble a little) lol…. :)

Anyway, it is just a quick update blog today, but I will (of course) keep you updated with polly-ness! :)

Peace and love xxx


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