“All you need is…”

So, I thought I would do a quick blog on my new love, haha! Literally… This necklace is from a shop called Troll! And there are only 2 in the whole entire world! Lol… one is in Basildon and the other is in Southend. I love it so much and I am surprised how much it goes with :) I am off into Romford today to shop until I drop! I have bought a vintage pencil skirt and top for Sister act next week and need shoessss! lol…. If I didn’t have enough pairs! haha! I love the skirt though, expect lots of pictures on my facebook lol…

I am also happy to announce that from starting my slim fast & going to the gym everyday-ness I have lost 3lbs in 6 days! So that’s not half bad is it?? I am over the hungryness now and just determined lol… Yesterday I got up earlier and went to the gym, then I went to work, then I came home and went swimming, where I done 12 lengths lol…. If anyone knows the average amount of lengths you’re supposed to, please do comment and let me know. I like to have a number in my head so that I can have a goal. lol… The machines in the gym are so COOL! They are all touch screen and have tv built in, so you tap on “watch TV” and you have your own little TV! lol… AWESOME!

I MUST go and see the “My generation: The glory years of British Rock” exhibition in the V&A! All of the original photographs, and they range from 1964 – 1973. They are all photographs from the icons that where on top of the pops between these times. Stars range from The Rolling Stones (of course) to Jimi Hendrix, from Bob Dylan to David Bowie! I am so excited I found this and am planning on going in the next week or so :) I love photography and I like quite a lot of retro British Rock from the 60’s and 70’s :) So overall a good find! Click HERE for the link!

Anyway, I am off to Romford to buy my shoes and lots of other loveliness, hope you have a fabulous weekend and make the most of it, before it’s back to work haha! Mines a day early lol… damn place!

Peace and love xxx


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