…. like rainbows after a thunderstorm!”

I haven’t had the best of days, I have been to work all day and am absolutely shattered. I came home and was lying on my bed watching the telly, when I look out of the window. I guess what they say is true, there are always good things that happen after the bad things…. like rainbows after a thunderstorm. It was so strange how 1 little thing could cheer me up so much… someone clearly knew that I was in need of a bit of cheering up :)

I have a lot planned for next week :) I am going out with my friend Jackolous on Monday, then out to the cinmea on Tuesday :) then off to see Sister Act on Wednesday and then I’m working for the rest of the week….. but hopefully it’ll go quickly… I am really not enjoying work right now. The job itself is okay,Β  but it’s the people and the general pettiness and bitchyness of them. I get on with about 3 people out of the whole store! Which is ridiculous… I don’t think I’m that difficult to get on with?? Am I??? haha… anyway I read Kandee Johnson’s “Don’t let people get to you” blog and it really helped me, it is totally true that if you make it seem like they are not effecting you, it’s get on their nerves more than anything you could ever say back! haha! Like their words aren’t even being taken in :)

Anyway, this was a very quick blog as I am absolutely shattered from work lol… I, for some reason, feel like I am very lucky right now….. I mean I am healthy and fairly happy (minus work) lol…. I will have to remember this when those meanies are trying to make me feel down about myself. And you should do the same :)

Peace and Love xxx


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