“Want gorgeous natural looking curls?!?! “

Want gorgeous natural looking curls?!?!  If you are bored of unnatural curls with kinks and straight bits… then, this is the tool for you!! What you need is a Babyliss Curling Wand! It is amazing and gives you quick and natural looking curls in seconds! Once you use one of these you will never go back :) I have had it for a couple of months now and it is so good! They are all £25 (in store) everywhere so don’t look around becasue they are all a set price – even on eBay! lol…. basically it is a curling tong without the clamp, you just hold your hair around the barrell and the barrell ranges from different sizes so you can change the look of your curls everytime :) I LOVE IT! It comes with a heat resistant glove which is so handy because you can hold your hair around the barrell without worrying about being burnt! Then you just section your hair, curl it, hairspray it and VOILA! :) It is definately worth £25 (in store) and all of them come with a 3 year guarantee, so you can’t go wrong! You can do some many looks with it and if you curl it and then use a wide toothed comb, the curls will literally be one strand each and look super natural and effortless! If not you could curl it into a ponytail and have gorgeous ringlet curls :)

Anyway, go and buy yours now, I got mine from Argos, but I know they sell them in Boots and Superdrug and all those sorts of places. I think it is more online, but you can always just reserve it :) Infact HERE is the link for mine :)

Peace and love (and curly hair!) xxx

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