“Raise your VOICE!”

Well yesterday was one of the best days of the summer :) I went to see Sister Act starring the amazing and only WHOOPI GOLDBERG! She played Mother Superior and if you have seen Sister Act (the films) you will know she actually plays Deloris Van Cartier. It was AMAZING! And I think it was possibly up there with the Lion King (which I saw last year with my Mum and my Sister!) It isn’t so much a childrens musical but if you are a fan of the films, you will love it! I can’t actually beleive I have seen Whoopi Goldberg with my very won eyes :) She was amazing in it, infact the whole cast was. But when Whoopi walked out the crowd went crazy! They stood up and shouted and screamed a cheered until she finally had to ask us to calm down so she could start lol… She was amzing though! And me and my friend Jodie (who I went with) made a whole day of it. We shopped til we dropped (literally) then we had a park lunch, shopped some more, went to see Sister Act, walked down to Leicester Square and then rolled into a pub, where we had dinner and drinks, and then it was off home. I can honestly say I was shattered by the time I got home and crashed onto within the hour! haha! Trouble with getting old.

While out shopping, I bought a pair of ditzy shorts (they are like loose fitting shorts that sort of look like a skirt!) A lace backless top, lots of gorgeous new underwear (Primark have got a new seduction range that starts from a D cup up to a F, so definately worth a look if you have got curves like me! haha) I also got some leggings and socks and generally bits and bobs. I absolutely loved it and I hadn’t been to London for a while. It was lovely to go and just have a fun filled day of doing exactly what we wanted! Definately recommended if you are feeling a bit down! Grab and friend and go shopping for the whole day! Trust me, you will feel a million times better than you did to start :)

We got our tickets from lastminute.com as we wanted to make sure we saw Whoopi, and it’s definately worth a look for a bargain if you are planning a trip up to London. Last year, when we went to see We will rock you, we did just by them outside and they were still reasonable, so it;s completely up to you whether you want to buy them in advance or not!

So, that was just a quick update on my day… I have lots of good blogs to come! And I am going to see Step up 3d tomorrow, so there will be a review on that in my review section!

Peace and love xxx


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