“…you feel nicer and more girly lol…”

So I have been being very naughty and not keeping you updated on my blog :) haha… well last week I went on a bit of a shopping spree, I bought some gorgeous shoes in Dorethy Perkins, I had seen them in there before but they were £55! Which is far too expensive for me! lol… So I went into Debenhams, just to walk through really and there they were, waving at me! lol… I picked them up and they were £15 in the sale, so I ran to the till and then a further 20% was taken off because it was a special Debenhams offer…. so from £55 to £12! BARGAIN! See, it’s always a good thing to keep your eyes peeled, even when your not really looking for anything :) Here’s a picture of them….

I also then went into Mataln, where I wanted to spend some vouchers I had for in there. And I found theses beauties! For, wait for it, £4.50!!!! And they are gorgeous, they also have a smaller heel on them than a lot of my other heels so I will be able to walk further in them lol…. I am going to try and wear heels during the day more as they make you feel nicer and more girly lol…. but I sometimes feel over dressed in them… But this is defiantely something worth trying. I also treated myself to a new handbag, as I haven’t bought myself one in agesssssssssss, and it’s a deep purple crocodile effect one. (£12 from Matalan too!) I love it, It is hu-mungeous, but I love it all the same. Please do have a peek in any sales that you pass, they are always worth a look.

I also went to see Step up 3D on Friday night, which was good, but the acting wasn’t all that… check out my “Reviews” page for more info on that…. hmmm?!?! what else…. oh yes my diet! It is going very well and I will be revealing my total weight loss in exactly 2 weeks tomorrow (as tomorrow is the day for it!) :) So stay tuned for that…. I think it is going ok and i’m not really hungry anymore becasue I’m used to it :) And I am loving going swimming and gym and that… I feel like a proper gym bunny! lol…

So that’s about it, I am going to see Knight and Day tomorrow, so I will of course be doing a review on this. I am also goingaerobics in the evening and then out for a meal, so this is all stuff to keep you posted on :) I hope you guys had a fabulous week too! I will leave you with the only song that is getting me through work right now….

Peace and love xxx


One thought on ““…you feel nicer and more girly lol…”

  1. I like the shoes very much – they’re the DP one’s you showed me, aren’t they? Well done on your bargains!!
    I think I might buy one of those Babyliss tongs, they’re £18 on amazon – is it any good? xx

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