“…Went to bed at half 4…”

So, this week I have been a little bit busy….. on Monday I went to see Knight and Day in Romford…. It was really good and normally I don’t like action-y films but I really liked it :) hee hee…. It has Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in it, and I did think it was very good :) I also caught up with my Friends Dan and Tasha, which was lovely! I haven’t seen Dan since Christmas and we had a lot to catch up with. He is always at Bucks Uni and I do miss him a lot but I don’t think we will ever stop talking to each other :) then friday I popped and got a few bits for my friends 21st birthday present, which is taking me forever! lol… I have been doing it all week, but hopefullyit will all be worth it and “they” will like it :)

Then last night I went to my friend Briony’s house and had a bit of a party. It was lovely and I really did enjoy myself. She is one of my most caring and trusting friends an I know I could tell her anything! She is always letting me borrow her ear for something! lol… I am absolutely shattered now lol… went to bed at half 4 and woke up at 8 lol…. not good for me! Especially when you’re like me and need lots of sleep lol… gonna put my PJ’s on, put ratatouille on and continue the present idea from hell lol (It’s only from hell because it is taking me so ridiculously long lol, I actually quite like doing what the idea is lol…)

So plans for next week………… Gym! Work! Meeting up with Jack! Results (I am really scared now!) Hopefully have a bit of a get together with everyone to celebrate my pass/fail lol… It is also pay day on Sunday! YAY! I am in need of pennies now lol…. Only 5 more days to spread my money out lol…

I want something done to my hair and as I am getting paid, I hope to get it cut next weekend sometime :/ I haven’t been to a hairdressers in about 2 years and so I really don’t know what I want or how I want to style it…. I do want it choppier, I know that and I want to get back to my proper blonde…. maybe something a bit cool and different? I am going to have a look on google and that, but if you have any good ideas for me or any good hair style websites please do let me know :) I need all the help I can get lol…

Anyway have a fabulous rest of your sunday and I will be posting a health related post tomorrow as it will be day 21 of my diet and I want to keep you all updated in how I’m getting on :)

Peace and Love xxx


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