“- there is beauty in everything!”

So I am finally doing a post in September 2010! lol… I can’t beleieve how quickly this year has gone and so much has happened. i will be starting university next monday at Greenwich University, which is awesome! I am so nervous about it though, I hope they like me :/ lol… and I hope to make some really good friends while being there. I still need to get a couple of bits and pieces like pens and pencils and that sort of stuff but I have a coat, a bag, folders and a worksheet book thing so, so far so good :) I have also got a new job (Yayay!) I just couldn’t stay at the clothes shop I was at anymore, so I applied and I got another job. It’s closer to home, pays better and is a much better position. I will be a sunday supervisor and running the shop! :) Yay! So yeah a lot has been going on. I hav my second training day at my new job tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go well :)

What else have I been doing?? Oh I went to Colchester last weekend, which was awesome! Me and Terri had a girly night and then we went to the Zoo on Saturday where I had the most fun ever! I kinda forgot how much I love zoo’s lol… I think my favourites were the penguins and the piglets! (of course!) lol… i also loved the underground tunnel through the sea lions where you literally walk through and they all swim above you! Amazing!

I also went to see “Dinner for Schmucks” starring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd. I loved it! And I loved the fact that it had the hidden meaning of – there is beauty in everything! Well, that’s what I got from it anyway… definately worth a look and a trip to the cinema! Check out the trailer ( at the end of this post! :))

I was also forced to watch The transformers this week, which was actually really good! The graphics are absolutely amazing! Especially the massive finale in the film. The storyline was also pretty cool and the fact that the couple end up together at the end – always a good thing! haha!

Anyway, that is about it really I think. I am going to be posting all my thoughts and evrything in the next week before I start uni!!! ahhhhh! So keep your eyes peeled, or join up to the subscriptions over there >>>>>>

Peace and love xxx


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