“Help! I want it all….!”

Well, it’s just a quick blog today… here are all the things that I have found on the interent and absolutely love! I love lepoard print and have found some really gorgeous stuff, now then, do I get the leopard print key stickers or not? I really love them, but I also really love the laptop case! haha! Help! I want it all….!

Oliepops Pink Leopard Laptop Case fits 15 - 17"

Oliepops Pale Pink Leopard Laptop Bag (eBay £22.99)

50 Leopard Print Cupcake Liners

Leopard print cupcake cases (www.artfire.com $3.99)

FunKeyboard PC Stickers - Leopard

Leopard print key stickers (www.FunKeyboards.com $1.99)

8 gb Key flat pen drive (www.dabs.com £38.99)

Cake Key Cover

Cupcake key cover (www.tokyojazzpanda.co.uk £2.99)

Side note: Today I drove to my uni on my test drive and it went fabulously! I am so so so excited now, and a lot more calm about the whole thing. I also feel like such a little grown up going over the bridge and through the tunnel heehee! What a geek! I hope you all start your new adventures and enjoy every second of them :) Whatever it is, just remember BE HAPPY ALWAYS :)

Peace and love (and centre-ness) xxx




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