“I can’t get enough of it :) …”

So this is going to be a mega quick post tonight as I am so tired and just need to sit and watch telly in the comfy-est pygamas available :) haha… Firstly 1,000 hits has been reached! It’s so weird to think people have been on here so many times and read my little old blogs :) but thankyou very muchly :) Secondly, university is going fantastically. My course people are really nice and I have made sort of like a little group of girly friends :)Β  I am enjoying it more than I thought I would to be honest and the travelling isn’t bothering me at all, which is always a plus :) I can’t beleive I know the roads off by heart and it’s only been a week lol. Lastly, this week seems to have been aimed around new or reminding music so here are my tunes for this week. :)

I was innocently downloading some new tunes for my ipod and I came across this absolutely tune :) I caompltely forgot about it and when I saw it I was so excited lol… It just reminds me of when I was at school and I thiking me and my sister had this on my car once when we were being driven somewhere lol…

This is such a dancey tune, have only heard it a couple of times, but I just love it! haha… It’s Katy B and “On a mission”

This is Kings of leon new song “Radiactive” which I am absolutely obsessed with haha! I can’t get enough of it :) I heard it on my last day at work and I think this might have something to do with it, but it is just such a tune! The bass is amazing and it kinda makes me want to learn guitar haha!

I have the new Script album “Science and Faith” to play in the car on my first few weeks at university and I LOVE IT! haha! I have the first album too and I think their second one has possibly beat their first. Defiantely worth a buy. Check out www.amazon.com or www.play.com ( on play you don’t have to pay P&P! :) )

Anyway, that is my quick post, I am off for a lovely bath, film, and bed haha! Hope you have a awesome weekend whatever is planned :)

Peace and love xxx


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