“Raindrops keep falling on my head…”

I am firstly apologising for my lack of blogs in Septemeber, I have been so busy and so much stuff have been going on…. but October is a new month!!! haha! It has been horrid weather for the last week or so, which is really rubbish :( But on the plus side, I got to wear my new coat! haha! I love it :) It is a navy teirred trench coat  and to make it more “pollyrised” I am going to add some fancy buttons and change the corsetted ribbon at youthe back. I think it is important to change r clothes and make them your own. Have a look on etsy and see what you can find! It’s a great site to find unique and different things that you could maybe have a go at yourself! :)

University is going amazingly :) I had my first ever presentation today and my group won! Which means my work and my little booklet will be on the wall in the main building of the Primary Education campus :) hee hee! How exciting?? I have made some really lovely friends, which I will hopefully keep. they are so friendly and I think if I was stuck on anything, I could probably go to any of them for help :)

Here’s a quick “Today’s outfit….” it was inspired by my new denim parachute pants :) I love them! And I think everyone should own at least one pair of these babies! haha! I have a brown and black pair from Turkey (before they came over here) and now these lovely denim ones… so here’s a step by step to my outfit…

Top – H&M – £3.99

Denim Harem pants – Primark – £11

Blue metallic pumps – Peacocks £8

Green beads – Primark £2

and then big hair and just basic eye make up…. a really quick and fast look, but perfect for shopping, which is where I was going lol… when I went out shopping I found the most GORGEOUS dress EVER known to man! I want it soooo badly but it is a lot of money so I have got to wait either for my student loan or my wages (or both! haha) I think it is really timeless and I think I would get a lot of wear from it… (Do you love the way I am trying to justify spending all my pennies on ONE dress!?! haha) Click HERE to have a little look at it! And tell me what you think on my comments at the top of this post (by the date!) :)

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend my lovlies (enjoy your first of Octoberness,)

Peace and Love xxx


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