“…I just can’t wait for it to get all snuggly…”

Right so I have been thinking of things I must do before the end of the year, as I kinda need to start doing “sensible” things once I am 21 (next year!) haha… I want to finish my Marilyn book, I want to go out in London somewhere, I want to be more organised and I want to learn the Piano again. If I suceed in all these things before the end of the year, I will be a very happy girlie indeed :) I feel so grateful today for some reason, I have had a really rubbish day, my new job is kinda boring as they haven’t organised it at all.

I have had quite a good weekend. I bought the most gorgeous dress from choice (not as chavvy as it used to be, thank god!) I got a gorgeous siren cardigan which I cannot wait to come :) I also got tickets to go a see stomp for xmas with one of my bestest friends, Joana. I have really started to look forward to it now and everyone has said how amazing it is! I got tickets and a meal for £20! Get yours HERE… I have also decided that I am going to start spending a little bit more on myself. I want lovely things and I don’t mind if somethings from primark and i LIKE it, but some things I buy, just because it’s cheap. Iwill be looking around and trying to find nicer things, so any good places or tips are all welcome :) Haha!

I think I have got everything from my wish list now, dress, biker boots, a all saints style coat, and a musical :) haha! Sorted! Today it is 75 days until xmas and I need to start getting organised (one of my things) haha! I need to make a xmas card list, a pressie list and a places to go over xmas list haha! Again, suggest away :) I am so excited for it! And I am nearly almost every year lol… which is a little odd becasue my family aren’t really christmassy people :) I just can’t wait haha! I have asked for the inbetweeners box set so fingers crossed :) I would also love some Vivienne Westwood orb stud earrings, but I might treat myself to these! haha! I just can’t wait for it to get all snuggly so I can get my scarf and warm coat out :) hee hee!

I am also thinking of getting my hair cut but I want a style that I can wash, leave to go wavy and still it looks good (well okay-ish) I love THIS, although it is quite similar to my SISTER‘S. Maybe becasue I’m blonde and have a fatter face, it’ll be okay? haha…. it’s not we look similar or wear similar clothes lol. I shall see, I am very tempted though. It would look nice with hats for the winter too :)

Anyway, I suppose I better wrap this up. I hope you have all had a amazing 10th of the 10, oh ten. haha! I haven’t really had that great a day, but it won’t get me down :) Stay tuned, I plan on making some amazing cakes this week and of course, I will share the recipe with you :) Just get some chocolate in, so your all ready haha!

Peace and love xxx


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