“I would jazz it up with a few bits and bobs…”

So this week, I have been reading my Marilyn book like a crazy woman and are now half way through lol… I am so happy with my little self. I have also been trying to get my university stuff all organised. THIS website was rally useful and has some great links :)

I am absolutely loving Adele’s “Make you feel my love” this week and have had it on repeat on my ipod lol…. I just love the words and could listen to it all day long. Cee Lo Green’s “Forget you” is about the only thing getting me up and alive enough to drive in the mornings to uni haha! It’s so dancey and just puts me in a automatic good mood :)

I am determined to keep on top of everything and am gonna try and do the work as soon as I get it. Make list, do timetables, put a couple of days aside each week just to make sure I am above board and ready for the work. I got my assignment back and passed! Which is good, but I really want to do better in my ICT one (this one actually counts) I did silly little mistakes which I mustn’t do on this one!

I hope you are all ready for xmas as all the tree decorations and faux snow are quickly making their way back to the shops. I am so excited for it this year and I just know it is going to be the best day ever! :) hee hee! I do love xmas and am hoping that Liza Sports Look Baseball Jacketsomewhere will bring out a proper christmassy onsie so that I can wear it in the morning :)

I really really really really want one of these gorgeous babies lol…. I think they would be sooooo comfy hee hee :) and I would jazz it up with a few bits and bobs…. any ideas for where I can get it cheap? The pictured one is from www.boohoo.com and it’s £25! I don’t think thath’s bad… but do I want a red one? Haha…

Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous rest of your weekend and hopefully I will be able to blog a little bit more now :)

Peace and love xxx


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