“I’ve just got so much work to do!”

I’ve just got so much work to do, I really don’t understand how and when they expect me to do it all? Anyone who has any help for me being a newbie in the student world lol… please help :) But for now, i will be making a quick blog, before it’s back to the wonderful Vygotsky and his theories haha….

Next week I have a presentation where I will basically be teaching with my other uni girlies (there’s 5 of us doing it all together.) I am a little nervous but I am sure it’ll go okay on the day. This week I have been doing heaps, I had a uni work day on monday where I went in and basically sat in the library. Then tuesday I went to London for the day with James, where I was taken to forbidden planet and another comic shop (i can’t remember the name of it) Orbitall?? Maybe?? Anyway, we also went to the V&A and covent garden and we did try and get into the Natural History Museum but the queues were ridiculous lol… then we went to China Town for some lunch which was very yummy I had a really lovely day :) Then on wednesday I met up with Joana who I hadn’t seen for a while and we went to see “Life as we know it” It was SOOOO GOOD! honestly, if you like a girly chick flick… go see this! haha

Then today I went to see RED with Bruce Willis in it, with James. This was really good and the storyline was kinda neat :) I loved that there was still a bit of slosh in the story haha! I think this one is a bit more action-y though…. infact a lot more action-y :) Tomorrow I am going out in London with my uni lot, although I need some help… what to wear? It needs to be quick and simple as I will have to change/adapt whatever I am wearing to uni in the daytime :) So help! Was thinking blazer, jeggings and heels? Or dress and jacket and boots? Help. haha.

Anyway, I know it was a bit of a random one today, but thought I would check in :) haha… hope you have a lot of spookiness plan for the weekend. I have nothing haha!

Peace and love xxx


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