“(as you can tell not having a great day so far)”

I have woken up in the worse mood EVER! You know when you just want to start over again? Today I have gotta go into uni for 15 minutes! Yes, you heard me right. What rubbish :( (as you can tell not having a great day so far) I just don’t know how to get out of it!

Unfortunately, there was no Keith Richards for me becasue of the stupid tube strikes, we couldn’t get there :( I mean, the ONE day I need to get into London, actually for something and I can’t! I went to see “Easy A” last night instead and it really was pretty good! I loved the fact it was kinda mean girls like and had a little voiceover of the main character, Olive. Basically a girl goes in and says that she has slept with someone, when she hasn’t. The lies escalate, but there’s that one person who knows she is lying :) of course! haha… It was really good and I definately think you should go and see it :) RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, only a short one today as I need to get going with this uni work and I need to read like crazy. :( Not fun. Hopefully I will snap out of this mood before long, I hate it when it’s not even for any reason :(

Peace and love xxx


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