“Just thought I’d check in…”

Just thought I would check in before I get going with my tidying and essaying for my saturday night fun times! haha! I am so tired, I went round my aunts last night and made a lot of tomato chutney as she wanted to make them for chrismtas and I am in such a xmassy mood now! haha! I even bought my xmas wrapping paper today haha! 49 days!!!! I also bought the most gorgeous shoes that I think are lovely. I’m not gonna say how much they were becasue I nearly didn’t buy them becasue of this reason haha! But they are quite vintage looking and velvet and have a chunky – not too high, so will be able to wear all day – heels :)

So, it’s that time of the week again…. who do you think will go? There are only 10 left now…. I am still rooting for Matt, but Cher was pretty good last week with her version of “stay with me” but who is your favourite? Next week on saturday there is also a Take that programme: Look back don’t stare at 9.30 on ITV1. I’m not a massive Take that fan, but I will watch it especially just for Robbie as I still kinda love him, and have since I was about 10! haha! Be sure to tune in and see all the behind the scenes footage :)

Peace and love xxx

** P.s. Cher was on first tonight and just watched her, she kinda killed my favourite song from all time :( **

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