“there’s no excuse!”

So, Treyc is out of the x factor…. she was okay, but definately not the worst and I don’t think she should have gone. I am slightly concerned as to how much x factor has taken over my life haha…. Also, next week it’s all about the boy bands including performances from JLS (YAY!) Westlife (Not so YAY!) and Take that with ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!! I am guesing they are going to sing their new song “The flood” so have marked this ocasion with the oldest photo I could find hahaha! I am so excited about this haha!

Uni has been okay this week, except I have been set so much frigging work to read and activities to do. I had my first ever English lesson today and it was so good, the Teacher is so passinate and excited about what she is teaching…. definately going to steal some tricks from her lol…. I am still really enjoying and I’ll be honest the work load had been a bit much, but I am determined to get back on track over the next couple of days… I will be reading at every available oppotunity and making as many notes as I can :)

What else is going on this week? Oh it’s poppy day on Thursday the 11th and I think that it is so important that we all buy our poppies and show our support. Their are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons out there fighting for us and how we live the way we do, so I think it’s the least we can do…. Clinton’s is selling them, but there is also little people dotted around town selling them, so buy yours now, there’s no excuse! Also, on this topic, I have a little surprise for you in my next post, so stay tuned… :)

Anyway, it was just a quick update, I hope you are all wrapped up warm as winter is well and truely here! :) Xmas is right around the corner….

Peace and Love xxx 


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