“What a geek! Nevermind ay?”

So it’s just 40 days until Xmas! :) Yay! I cannot wait and I especially can’t wait for 3 weeks off from university. There is just so much work to do, it is so much fun and I am really enjoying it, but the amount of work they set is unreal. I am currently reading a book calle dreflective teaching, which isn’t too bad to read, but some of the handouts just sound like gobbledeegook to me :/ slightly worrying seeing as I have been on my course for 9 weeks now. The time is going so quickly , whihc is a good thing, and obviously shows that I am enjoying it lots so that good. :) Anyway, must get posting as I have to get back to my reflective teaching haha!

X factor- I cannot beleive aidan is out! Everyone is saying how Wagner should be gone, but I don’t even think that becasue look how much Wagner entertains people and people are obviously voting for him, but Katie needs to go. I will add the video of her performance from this week but I warn you it is shocking! I don’t even think there’s any tune there at all haha! I also can’t beleive that she has been in the botom 2 for 4 weeks and every week she has stayed in! Terrible. I am not gonna watch it anymore, I’m just going to watch Matt’s performances on YouTube haha!

My other plans – This week I don’t really have a lot planned, I need to keep really up to date with all this reading malachy and that’s about it. I am however, going to see Stomp! on Saturday with one of my bestest friends, Joana! I cannot wait, it’s going to be so good and we have a meal in with our ticket too, so hopefully it’ll be smashing! Make a whole day of it! Gonna get good and dressed up and might even wear heels haha! And then it’s work on Sunday :( It is going okay, but I just feel a bit like they leave all the jobs for us on a sunday so we literally don’t have time to sit down because we are constantly doing jobs that should of already be done, like moves and things. But nevermind, it gives me a extra bit of money and basically pays for me to get to University and back every day :)

Hair – Right I have decided that I wouold really like to change my hair completely. I want to keep the length (as I feel I would look like a mushroom if I cut it short) but I wanna style it differently, any ideas please please please comment any hair styles and I will do it haha!

So, it was just a quick hello really, but I hope you are all up to date with your xmas shopping and are all enjoying your November-ness :) I really wanna go up to London towards the end of November so that I can see all the lights haha! What a geek! Nevermind ay? Anyway, have a lovely week and no doubt I will be on here shortly.

Peace and love xxx


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