My “all the pennies in the world” Christmas Wish List…

wishesI absolutely love xmas but why is the shopping bit so tempting? I am now finished, except for 1 but I know what I am getting them :) hee hee… but I have seen so many clothes that I want so I thought I would do a little wish list haha! I don’t expect to get anything from the list, but I just thought it would be a cool thing to do :)

Here goes;

1. A denim Jacket with a fur collar,

2. THIS jacket from Topshop,

3. The blind side book,
4. A new make up bag,

5. Dear John on DVD,

6. A nice big wooly jumper dress :) As 80’s as possible haha… Henry Holland have some lovely ones like this one :)

7. Naughty Alice perfume by Vivienne Westwood,

8. Some nice pj’s or a Onesie!

9. Jay Z’s new CD,

and lastly….
10. THESE beauties!

Please note that this is my “if money was no object” wish list haha! I would love everything on here but some of them are lots and lots of pennies.. haha… and probably a lot more, but this is just some of the things I saw today… anyway that was my wish list, but I am happy to say that my Xmas shopping is now done :) hee hee… I am so happy with myself… and now for the wrapping and cards! Eeeeek! Xmas is nearly here :)

I am going to see Stomp on Saturday and cannot frigging wait :) I am so excited and hopefully i’ll be going to Oxford Street too and having a bit of a spend (even though my grant still hasn’t come through!) haha! I’m sure it’ll be fine :) All the tickets and food are paid for so it’s just getting up there :) I will of course let you all know what happens and how it goes :)

Peace and love and jingle bells xxx


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