“A little bit of everything!”

Hi to everyone! Hope you are all well and looking forward to all the snow at the weekend! Yes you heard me right! SNOW! AHHHHHHHH! I love snow and secretly I think everyone loves going outside in it and making big snowmen and having snowball fights! haha!

So on saturday, I went to see STOMP! It was sooo good and they way they made it all sound together was amazing. The amount of work that must have gone into it was even more amazing. The timing and the dynamics of the pieces was almost unbelievable that they were playing live haha! Me and Joana both said that it might have been better if they had talked though, or even suggested a slight story. We had really good seats though and the main dancer/performer was HOT! so we was more than happy haha! He looked like Mike from Desperate Housewives!

Next, my school.... it was going really well but MAN it is hard work! I am loving it and the class I have been put with, and the staff are so friendly, you’re sitting in the staff room and they just come over and start talking to you haha! Really lovely school and a great place to be for my first year :)

Christmas is nearly here…. they are turning on the lights in my local high street next week and there’s always little stands and stalls and games and that sort of thing. I really want to go and might have to find someone to drag along :) haha… I hope you are all getting there with your presents, I am all done now :) Oh and my school have a christmas play on the 9th of December, so I am going to pop by to see that :)

I really want a car of my own now. I am going to start looking around and see what sort of shaped cards I like :) I quite like the new clio’s, but in the real world I would be absolutely over the moon with a 07 shape fiesta :) Little things ay? i would be the happiest girl alive if this ever happened. I think they are such nice cars and don’t date too much. :) Fingers crossed I will have a car of my own soon :)

On a last note, I don’t believe in prayers, but please let your thoughts be with the families of the 29 miners pronounced dead in New Zealand after the second explosion. It really is an awful story and I think it is a really terrible event for the country and the entire world. For the full story CLICK HERE!
Peace and love xxx

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