Oh the weather outside is frightful!

So here in good old Essex, the snow is finally here! It is absolutely freezing! So here are a few tips and tricks and buys that I have found for you to grab this winter :) First little tip is layers! Lots and lots of thin layers :) This will keep you lovely and warm, now for the buys! (My favourite bit :))

Buys: First you will need a lovely hat, I found THIS really really cute one :) It is really cute and I think it would keep you really warm too! Would look great with a cute little jacket or a hoodie :) However, i did buy one of THESE bad boys! And it is sooooo warm :) It makes you look so snuggly and it really is haha! Do be warned though because these hats don’t suit everyone :/ The new thing for this winter is a snood! I am not too sure about these and don’t know if they would look really rather odd on me, but some places really do have some very pretty ones and some lovely snuggly styles like THIS one! I would also love a hooded scarf, simply because you could wear it with whatever you wanted and they are just cool aren’t they? Let’s admit this! haha!

Now onto coats and jackets: Although they are a little bit Essex, the fur coats are back! They look so snuggly and I particulary like the fur hooded ones asKnotted Bow Leather Driving Gloves you could really stay nice and warm, but still look nice :) River island are doing some lovely ones and you can click HERE for a sneak peak. Although, it is a little bit pricey, it is going to be staying colder for longer this year, so you will definately get your wear out of it :)

Accesorize are doing the cutest gloves this winter, really unique and ones that I am sure you could find a lovely coat to go with! (Is that it right way round? To match gloves to coat? and not coat with gloves!? haha) I really love THESE ones (pictured) They are so classic looking and would look great with my navy cape that I bought myself a few weeks ago :) What do you think? And at £20 a absolute bargain!

Lastly but certainly not leastly (haha leastly!) the boots! Some really lovely warm ones with a rubber sole are a must! I have some from Clarks from last year, and they have some nice ones again this year, but Rocket Dog (available at Schuch) have got some lovely ones this year. Especially THESE ones, you could dress them up with dresses and skirts, but also wear them with shorts and trousers! Defiantely worth their £64.99! Check them out :)

I hope you will be lovely and warm and do be careful in the slippery snow :) I hope you enjoy the snow!

Peace and love and snow steps xxx

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