Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

So it’s the 3rd of December, only 22 days left and with all this snow, I hope you have got all your christmas pressies sorted :) Mine are all wrapped and ready to go! It’s all very exciting! As I am currently snowed in, today I will be making homemade christmas decorations for my room and making it as christmassy as possible :) I am going to use the powers of google, my camel paintbrushes and some glitter! :D I cannot wait, it’s going to be so much and then, I’m going to try and do some uni bots and bobs and read some more of my book. I am determined to finish my book before christmas so that I can start my next one… now then, do I read Keith Richards autobiography or do I read Dear John by Nicolas Sparks…? (Is Nicholas Sparks the one who wrote The Notebook?) I love the film of The Notebook and Dear John (even if it did make me cry! Haha!) It was a good cry! Anyway, I am off to christmas it up, but I hope you have a awesome snowy day and aren’t too bored… yesterday was murder, I had absolutely nothing to do haha!

Peace and love and chistmas sparkles xxx

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