All I want for chirstmas is….

I have come to the conclusion that I would absolutely love to have a little e-reader :) I am so happy with my little self for almost finishing my book…. I am so close, just 70 pages away, but I would feel so cool to have one and go travelling with my little book reader :) haha….

Right okay, onto things that I am going to treat myself too…. or maybe have one in with my xmas pressies… so the first thing I am going to get is this really gorgeous watch….  it’s from and I think it is absolutely lovely…. no jokes haha… what do you think? I have a bright purple one that is really nice, but I have had it a long while and bright purple doesn’t always go with absoultely everything, you know?

 I would also love love love this shirt…. i think it is so classic looking and would look really cute, either with heels or biker boots :) i just think it is gorgeous and for £38 a absolute bargain :) Don’t you think?

Lastly but not leastly it is THIS gorgeous jacket. I am so tempted to go and buy it right now…. And I have the perfect belt that would go around it :) It would be such a nice peice to have in my wardrobe and I think I would wear it lots and lots…

On a sadder not, my friend Joana just rang me and said she is going away for New Years now which is all a little dissapointing as I was hoping to spend it with her :( never mind, i am sure something will come up, if not, I will sit alone in my house with a bottle of something tasty and watch movies and eat pizza…. A plan indeed!

Peace and love xxx


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