Mistletoe and wine…

Sorry I haven’t written for a couple of days but this week I am back at uni/school/work properly after the snow :) It is very go-go GO! haha… anyway, just a quick post today, still have lots and lots to do…

I went to see “Due Date” with Robert Downey Jnr. last night and it was soooo good! I haven’t been to the pictures in a little while and it was lovely to just go out and chill for an evening. I went with my lovely friend, Briony, who I always have a fabulous time with :) It was such a good film and being as the plot was a little bit same-y, it was so well written that I wasn’t bored at all! I have also come to the conclusion that I would love to travel across America, whilst stuck in a car with Robert Downey Jnr. haha! How awesome would that actually be? Anyway here’s the trailer…… definitely go and see it :)

Also I was wondering….. in the new year I wanna do something a bit different and crazy. I’m thinking sky diving in the summer, but I don’t know if I’m too scared haha! Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas or things that you have done that you think I should do :)

Peace and love xxx


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