Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

i am sort of running out of christmas songs now! haha! Suggestions please :) I am currently taking a break from my uni work, which seems to have taken over my room quite a lot haha! It is okay, I just want to get as much as possible out the way for xmas you know? I am now working until right up to xmas too! But I am hoping to have lots and lots of pennies so it’s all good :)

So, now it’s “that” time of year! It’s time to layer up! I have been wearing different colour tops under stuff so that you can see it peeking out the top of my dresses etc. it looks really cute and is a excellent way to keep warm! haha! Another way to do it with is wearing the wooliest socks you can find with some lovely boots like THESE! You can also wear scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, glittens, snoods, and those things with the scarves and the pockets for your hands on the bottoms haha! Do not know what they are called! lol… :) Also, accessorize away, a lot of winter clothes are either black or very very dark, so buy some bright cardigans and brooches and that sort of things to brighten up your wardrobe, (and your day!) Oh and I loved all the looks, hense the image! :)

Anyway, have fun opening your 11th chocolate tomorrow… not long now until the big xmassy-ness is here! EEeeeeeeek!

Peace and love


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