Do they know it’s christmas time at all?

So, I feel that the whole post a day has been going very well, but it’s so flipping hard to think of things to write about haha! Anyway! It’s only 5 days until christmas! How exciting! I am going to pick up my sister and her boyfriend in the morning and then I think it’s just normal xmas sitting around-ness haha! It is also my Mum’s birthday on Boxing Day so everyone will be staying for that! So it should be good, has anyone got anything exciting happening over the holidays?

I have finished my book (Dear John) It was so good and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of slosh and a bit of happiness…. It also ends completely differently to how I thought it would and has a real sense of selfishness :) I loved it! And it’s super cheap (becasue it’s getting a little bit old.)

I went to Chelmsford with my Sister on Friday and had a really lovely day. We went round the shops, met her boss, got lost trying to find the cinema (her fault) lol… and had some pub lunch! It was lovely and it was in the middle for both of us so easy to get to and real good fun! We each bought a scarf each… mine I absolutely love and have worn it none stop since I got it :) oh, and i bought Inglorious Bastards! I loved it at the cinema and finally bought it :) hee hee and then we just got some xmassy bits and bobs :) haha…. I’m so excited! It’s nearly here! :)

We’ll I am out with my friend Briony later on, so I better be off, but just thought I would check in quick…. from a very snowy Essex.

Peace and Love xxx


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