Rock around the christmas tree!

So it’s the 24th December and Christmas Eve, I can’t beleive how quickly it has come round this year. I don’t feel like I’ve even seen December haha! How funny! Today my plans are to do some uni work, go to work til half 6 and then my Sister and her boyfriend will be here and the festivities shall begin! I am so excited for tomorrow and to give everyone their presents :)

I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1 ) last night. It was so good! And I love Harry Potter, although I must say in parts of it I was curious to know when Ronald Weasley become kinda trendy and with muscles! haha! I was quite shocked, yet impressed! lol…. There was also a scence where they go over a bridge and through a tunnel, which was the dartford crossing! The bridge/tunnel I go through everyday for university! haha… that was pretty cool. Anyway it was very good indeed and I really enjoyed my little date with Mumberly :)

I have been listening to Ellie Goulding like crazy and think I might buy her first album after xmas ( when it’s in the sales haha) I have also been reading my Keith richards Autobiography (I have become quite the reader you know :P) lol… it didn’t start to well, but I am really in with it now and it is amazing how someone can have music in his life, lkiterally from the start of their life! lol… he grew up with music and I think that pretty cool, it was part of him!

Right, I have got to get ready for work now and do some reading and that, so have a fabulous xmas eve and xmas day (as I’m not too sure if I’ll be on here on xmas day :)) lol…

Peace and love xxx


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