I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all well and exciting for the coming of the new year (can’t beleive it’s on Friday :/ lol) What have you all got planned for it? I am of to my friends house, so it should be fun :) My sister, Serendipity cupcake is way ahead of me with her new years resolutions take a look HERE! What are yours going to be and what have you achieved in the past year or so? I am definitely going to get my thinking hat on with this one :) Any ideas for me anyone? Lol….

So, the winter here in Essex has warmed up quite a lot, but it is still chilly so I thought I would give you some pointers and tips on how to keep warm, but look good. :) Yes it is possible, there is no need to get the anorak and the hideous bobble hat out of the wardrobe this year!

  1. 1. A fake leather jacket is actually better – huh? Haha! It’s true…. If you own a plastic leather look jacket rummage for it now and find it! It will keep you super warm and leather look is really trendy at the moment… Try THIS one!
  2. 2. Add various different necklaces of all different colours and lengths – THIS will make you look very boho chic and jingles always make you happy :) haha.
  3. Add a brooch or pin badge to your coat or cardigan to girlyfy it up and feel a bit more feminine.
  4. But some wedged boots, they are trendy, yet sensible in the colder weather. Sandals or open heels are a definite no-no. Like my little beauties HERE!
  5. Invest in a nice pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf, all matches and a colour that will go with lots!
  6. Pasminas are also a good ideas as they are cheap (3 for £5 in most places) and you can swap and change on a daily basis :) I LOVE ‘EM!
  7. Grab yourself some statement jewellery that you can adapt from day to night, this will make it easy if you are in University or work all day and then going straight out :) Primark is always a great place to pop in and when you’re bored with it or you feel it has gone out of date, you can throw it away, it’s only a couple of quid :)

Blair on a Budget has got her hands on the primark Spring/Summer collection for 2011! And it is all very very exciting! :) Take a look HERE! I absolutely love the £15 dress and the £17 jumpsuit on part one…. I also like the blue/black shoes on the part 4 bit :) Take a look and let me know what you think…. I don’t think anyone would know if it was Primark or not and it looks so on-trend it’s unreal! Primark got GAME! Haha!

So, there you are, just a few little ideas for you, I hope you are all snugly and cozy this winter time.:)

Peace and love
(p.s. finding all those clothes links was not a good idea when the sales are on! haha!) xxx


One thought on “I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus

  1. You can’t use Christmas songs as titles anymore – it isn’t Christmas!!
    And I LOVE that jumpsuit, I meant to ask you if you’d look out for one for me, as I don’t have a Primark anywhere near me – boo! :( xxx

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